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General Information:

What is the World Bank Member Center? Why should I sign up for an account?
The World Bank Member Center provides a central registration that can be used to sign up for World Bank products and services. Registration is free for all users.

What products and services can I access with a Member Center account?
Currently Access to Information, the Job Site, the Photo Library, the Newsletters, the Open Learning Campus and WBG eConsultant require a World Bank Member Center account.

Can I log in with World Bank user accounts not created through the Member Center?
No. If you have a user account for other World Bank services not created through the Member Center, you will not be able to use it to login to a Member Center site. You must create a new account. (Note: World Bank Staff members can use their PassKey account for log-in.)

Will the World Bank share my email address or personal information?
When you create a Member Center account, the World Bank will not sell, distribute or share your information with third parties outside of the World Bank Group. More information can be found in the World Bank's Privacy Policy.

How do I:

Create an account
To create an account, go to the Create Account page. Fill in your name and email address and choose a password. We also ask that you tell us a little about yourself - where you're from, your primary business, and why you visit the site - in order to better design products that will be useful to you.

Change my email address
To change your email address, or any other aspect of your user profile, go to the Update Account page. It will show the information that is currently associated with your account. To make changes, enter new information (overwriting the existing information), and press submit.

Retrieve a lost password
If you've forgotten your password, go to the Password Help page. Enter your email address in the form, and your password will be sent to you.

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